Cool Math Games For Kids

Hey, do you like to play games? Well, so do we! And guess what? There is a now a gaming website in which kids from all around the world will surely enjoy while having non-stop fun! Don’t stop the gaming… but why should you? With a wide catalog of games ranging from action, such as: The Tickler, Run 2 Sticky Ninja Academy, Wigman Big Run, Galaxy Wars, Ultimate Santa Battle, Clobe to a lot more fun games. We also have a range of adventurous games such as: Luxate, My Pet Protector, Battle Beavers, Trigger Knight, and Demons Took My Daughter. However, if you are more of a ‘puzzletier’, our Puzzles categories might just entice you as you can enjoy titles such as: Splitty Adventures, Wordspector, Helio Adventures, Magnx, Polar PWND2, Fish Need Water, Cheat Death, Libra and many more addictive titles to name!

As for the final category which is a personal favorite of mine, sports games, which has a lots of fun titles such as: Drift Runners 2, Gun Express, Coaster Racer, Neon Race, Formula Racer, Learn to Fly 2, Solipskier and many more that will guarantee an endless session of fun games; selected from a library that is continuously growing with a lot more categories that kids would enjoy. Each and every game on this website features an intuitive gameplay that kids will enjoy and will allow them to hone and master the skills required to finish the game or to set a new high score.

You may not find all our games to have the same control but the same principle may be applied for all games. Most games will require the user to have access to a keyboard and/or a mouse to play, however, others might be controlled by other means. Each game offering a different control experiences; whereby when using a keyboard on an action game, you may be required use the arrow keys (←↑→↓) or ‘WASD’ keys to control the game, for instances in gameplay.

If a game requires a mouse control, by moving the mouse in positioned angles, it will allow you to move around. Also, by right clicking or left clicking, it will allow you to perform required actions in the game. For instances, when playing the sports game called gravitee2, you are required to click and drag the ball to set your trajectory, while games that require a keyboard, such as when you are playing Drift Runners 2, you will need to use the Arrows keys or AWSD keys to steer and accelerate. In addition to this, pressing X or SPACE can be used for turbo boost when driving.

Tips and Tricks
Feeling like there might be more to a game that needs to be figured out when you’re playing a game? Well, here are some notable tips and tricks from the most popular games.
Drift Runners 2- At the beginning of the race just before the count down; prepare to press the acceleration button in a synchronized timing as the countdown starts. Press the button on all three numbers excluding ‘Ready’ for a perfect turbo boost that will launch you in the 1st position for an added advantage.
Gravitee Wars- Gain lots of money! With this trick you can enjoy lots of money in Gravitee Wars. Here are a few simple instructions you may follow: complete the first level as many times as you can, while purchasing Health Upgrades and you will win lots of money each and every time you play it over. Example: 6 Space Guyses -200 Health each Guy1200 Health x 10 health bonus = 12000 Money every repetition + 450 for the gold medal and the damage.

So dear kids follow the website Cool Math Games and have a great time with us.